Send Sarah a Tip

The Cambridge Arts Council submitted a grant and were awarded $15,000 from the Vermont Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts for the painting of two large, concrete silos in the center of Jeffersonville, VT. The project, deemed The Silo Project, has become the largest painted mural in the state, attracting hundreds of visitors since its completion on August 12, 2016. The artist is Sarah C. Rutherford.

A Rochester, NY-native and a graduate of the University of Vermont, Sarah has painted more than 30 murals around the world, bringing extensive experience to our project. “Vermont is a really important place to me,” said Sarah. “Ultimately, I would like these murals to bring pride to the current residents for the rich history of the generations that came before, and for the beautiful home they are passing down to their children.”

While $15,000 seems like a lot of money at first glance, it perhaps was not enough to complete this project to the level of quality in which it has, while still ensuring that interns and the artist were paid a decent, livable wage, and all expenses paid along the way. When broken down to the hour, Sarah's wage was similar to that of a restaurant server in this state: $4.90/hr. Servers survive not on their base wage, but on tips from patrons.

Sarah's work on The Silo Project (#siloprojectvt) exceeded our expectations. For that reason, we would like to send some more money her way (think of it as a tip). For those of you who appreciate her results as much as we do and want to contribute, please add your digital tip here or send your contributions, payable to Sarah C. Rutherford to:

Cambridge Arts Council

PO Box 436

Cambridge, VT 05444

No contribution is too small, lots of little donations = big money. We will hold this digital tip jar for three weeks. After September 13, we will close this account and send all donations to Sarah. Thank you for your consideration.