Cambridge Book Group

The CAC, in conjunction with the Vermont Humanities Council and Varnum Memorial Library, is sponsoring the sixteenth season of the Cambridge Book Group. As has become our custom, the community voted on which series would be offered.

The theme for Winter 2015/2016 is Retellings. These four novels all take a work of classic fiction and retell the story from the perspective of a character other than the familiar protagonist. How fascinating to look at Beowulf through the eyes of Grendel, and to hear from Captain Ahab’s wife what fueled her husband’s obsession and about the whaling life in general. Through the experiences of March, the absent father in Little Women, we learn about the Civil War and the difficulties of readjusting to civilian life. Huck’s father, Finn, gives us insight into the formation of his son’s character and life by letting us know his own childhood traumas.

This year’s selection features Retellings:

• NOVEMBER 14: Grendel, John Gardener (origin Beowulf)

• DECEMBER 12: Ahab’s Wife: or The Star-gazer, Sena Jeter Naslund (origin Moby Dick by Herman Melville)

• JANUARY 9: March, by Geraldine Brooks (origin Little Women by Louisa May Alcott)

• FEBRUARY 13: Finn, John Clinch (origin Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain)

• MARCH 12: Members bring in a book they love and tell the group about it

The Cambridge Book Group is hosted by the Varnum Memorial Library, sponsored by the Cambridge Arts Council, and is presented by the Vermont Humanities Council. The series runs From November through March, and meets from 3:00pm – 5:00pm on the second Saturday of each month. This year we welcome Fran Cerulli as our facilitator (and bid a fond farewell to our facilitator for the past several years, Linda Bland). Fran is a freelance writer, a knitter and quilter. She is also a warm and witty woman who brings out the best in a group and promotes lively discussion.

Please join us for discussions punctuated with differing ideas and lots of laughter. Copies of the books will be available through the Varnum Memorial Library. As always, refreshments will be served. We look forward to seeing you.

For further information, please contact April Tuck at 644-6632 or the Varnum Memorial Library at 644-2117.

Start reading!

Poetry People

Speak it, Read it, Slam it, Sing it..

It doesn’t matter just Bring it.

Bring a Poem:

Yours or an other’s

Free versed or metered

Set to silence or music

Come fill the evening with poetry

Or simply…  Come listen to the words flow.


Where: Varnum Memorial Library

164 Main Street, Jeffersonville, VT

(802) 644-2117,

When: 2nd Tuesdays  from 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Who:  All ages unless during a “Safe Word” night (18+)

How Much: Free and the public is invited!

Questions? …

Refreshments served

CAC is working with The Varnum Memorial Library for this fun evening.